Alarm At The Farm! #2 Pre-order

In this hilarious graphic novel mystery, detective-in-training Finder and her friends are back on the case, as they investigate what exactly is going on at Old Lady Goose Liver’s farm! Perfect for fans of The InvestiGators!Finder and her friends are toad-ally excited for their field trip to Goose-Liver Farm, but when they notice some power outages and other strange shenanigans, they realize they may have a new mystery at hand. It turns out there’s a secret high-tech headquarters located beneath kind Old Lady Goose-Liver’s farm that’s hiding away some sinister creatures. Is the sweet old goose in on it, or is she the victim of fowl play? And how exactly does the great detective Seymour Warts’s investigation into his nemesis Smarty Arty connect to Goose-Liver Farm? Only the Creature Finders can figure it out.

(W) P. Knuckle Jones (A) P. Knuckle Jones

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May 2024

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