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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #101 Facsimile Edition


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #101 Facsimile Edition
“A Monster Called Morbius!”
Published by Marvel Comics
April, 2021

1st Appearance: Morbius, the Living Vampire

The dramatic debut of Morbius the Living Vampire!
Dr. Michael Morbius has a lust for blood, and he’s out to sink his fangs into Spider-Man!
But the wallcrawler is even more spiderlike than usual – because, in an effort to ‘cure’ himself of his spider-powers, he’s ended up with four extra limbs!
Peter must seek out Curt Connors, the Lizard, to return himself to normal – but little does Spidey know that he’s on a collision course with Morbius that will put him in the crosshairs of not one, but two monsters!
Witness the beginning of a rivalry for the ages between webslinger and bloodsucker, in the issue that began the tragic tale of the misunderstood Michael Morbius!
It’s one of the all-time great Marvel comic books, boldly re-presented in its original form, ads and all!

Reprinting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #101.

Cover Artists: Gil Kane, John Romita, Artie Simek
Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciler: Gil Kane
Inker: Frank Giacoia
Letterer: Artie Simek

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