Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #300 CGC 8.0 VF


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #300 CGC 8.0 VF
Published by Marvel Comics
May, 1988

1st Appearance: Venom

Spidey’s old alien costume has merged with reporter Eddie Brock who thinks his career was ruined by Spider-Man and the symbiote of the two, Venom, takes on the web slinger.
At MJ’s request, Spidey returns to the blue and red costume as she now finds his black duds way too creepy.

“Stan’s Soapbox Special” – A full-page editorial by Stan Lee on the occasion of Spider-Man’s 300th issue.

Cover Artist: Todd McFarlane
Writer: David Michelinie
Penciler: Todd McFarlane
Inkers: Todd McFarlane
Colourist: Bob Sharen
Letterer: Rick Parker

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CGC 8.0 VF

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