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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #74 Peach Momoko Variant


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #74
“What Cost Victory?”
Published by Marvel Comics
November, 2021

It’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #875, and the whole ASM team is coming together to bring you a massive issue that is the culmination of three years of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!

It’s all lead to this… “Hunted,” “Sins Rising,” “Last Remains,” “King’s Ransom,” “Chameleon Conspiracy,” “Sinister War”…and so much more all led to this climax and conclusion to Nick Spencer’s landmark run on the best comic book in the world.

What will happen with Peter and MJ, Mysterio, J. Jonah Jameson, Norman Osborn, Aunt May and Kindred?! FIND OUT HERE!

Momoko Variant: Peach Momoko Variant

Cover Artists: Mark Bagley, John Dell, Brian Reber
Writer: Nick Spencer, Christos N. Gage
Penciler: Marcelo Ferreira, Mark Bagley, Ze Carlos, Dio Neves, Carlos Gomez, Ivan Fiorelli, Humberto Ramos
Inkers: Wayne Faucher, Marcelo Ferreira, Andrew Hennessy, Andy Owens, Ze Carlos, Dio Neves, Carlos Gomez, Ivan Fiorelli, Victor Olazaba
Colourists: Andrew Crossley, Edgar Delgado, Alex Sinclair
Letterer: Joe Caramagna

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