Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 #1 John Cassaday Incentive Variant 1:50 CGC 9.2 NM-

Published by Marvel Comics
July, 2004

1st Appearance: Dr. Rao (Kavita Rao)
1st Appearance: Ord (from Breakworld)
1st Appearance: Tilde Soames

Dream-team creators JOSS WHEDON (creator of TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and JOHN CASSADAY (Planetary, CAPTAIN AMERICA) bring you the explosive #1 issue of the all-new flagship X-Men series!
As part of X-MEN: RELOAD, this issue marks a return to classic greatness and the beginning of a brand-new era for the X-Men.

Incentive Variant: John Cassaday Incentive Variant 1:50

Cover Artist: John Cassaday, Laura Martin
Joss Whedon
Penciler: John Cassaday
Inkers: John Cassaday
Colourist: Laura Martin
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos


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