Avengers Forever Vol 2 #15 Alex Ross Timeless Kang Variant

“Avengers Assemble, Part Nine: The Rise of the Omni-Avengers”
Published by Marvel Comics
May, 2023


The greatest battle in the history of the Multiverse is raging, featuring Avengers from throughout time and space, countless different versions of Captain America and Iron Man and the God of Thunder.
Yet somehow, it all comes down to one Starbrand and one Ghost Rider, who unfortunately are the only Avengers whose powers don’t seem to be working.

Ross Variant: Alex Ross Timeless Kang Variant

Cover Artist: Aaron Kuder
Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciler: Jim Towe
Inkers: Jim Towe
Colourist: Guru-eFX
Letterer: Cory Petit


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Variant Cover


Near Mint 9.4

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