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Avengers Vol 8 #40

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Avengers Vol 8 #40
“Enter the Phoenix – Part 1: Sleep Now in the Fire”
Published by Marvel Comics
February, 2021


The infamous firebird of cosmic destruction and rebirth known as the Phoenix Force has returned to Earth to find a new avatar. So now the Avengers and some of the most powerful heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe are being called into a competition unlike anything they’ve ever seen. A globe-spanning battle that will transform them all and ultimately decide…who will be the all-new Phoenix.

Regular Cover – Standard: Regular Leinil Francis Yu Cover
Avengers Variant – 1 Per Store: Joshua Cassara Stormbreakers Variant (1 Per Store)
Incentive Variant – 1:10: Javier Garron Design Variant 1:10

Cover Artist: Leinil Francis Yu, Marte Gracia
Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciler: Javier Garrón
Inkers: Javier Garrón
Colourist: David Curiel
Letterer: Cory Petit

Variant Cover

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Variant Incentive Ratio

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