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Overwhelmed with grief over the death of his mother, shamed by his failures in marriage and fatherhood, and burdened by massive debt, Devin’s life is spiraling out of control.That is, until he discovers the impossible: nostalgia is his superpower.With a random touch of family memorabilia, he can mentally travel back in time, reliving the best moments of his past while finding relief from the present.With his mother gone, Devin can now investigate her greatest secret: the identity of the father he never knew. But the more Devin “backflashes” into time, the faster his present life falls apart. On this hunt for a truth that was never supposed to come to light, Devin must come to terms with his past if he wants any chance at a future.By Mat Johnson, the author of Pym, Loving Day, and Incognegro,  Blackflash is a riveting literary graphic novel thriller laced with sly humor and raw emotion that explores time travel in wild and un-predictable ways.

(W) Mat Johnson (A) Steve Leiber; Lee Loughridge

Rating: Teen+


Available: November 19, 2024

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July 2024

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