Backstabbed In A Backwater Dungeon: My Party Tried To Kill Me, But Thanks To An Infinite Gacha I Got Lvl 9999 Friends And Am Out For Revenge (Manga) Vol. 5 Pre-order

GONNA GETCHA WITH MY GACHA!Chaos grips the Elven Queendom as a massive, mysterious tower suddenly appears on the horizon. With Light’s former ally Sasha as their guide, the White Knights—the queendom’s strongest knightly order—march off to quell the threat. Little do they know that within, Light awaits with a fighting force of his own–and he’s added the powerful gacha Iceheat, Mera, Jack, and Suzu to his ranks! The battle between sheer numbers and Level 9999 power begins!

(W) Shisui Meikyou (A) Takafumi Oomae (CT) tef

Rating: Teen+


Available: April 16, 2024

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February 2024

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