Batman Vol 1 #475

“The Return of Scarface, Part I: Mustache Pete is Dead!”
Published by DC Comics
March, 1992

1st Appearance: Renee Montoya

Fresh out of jail, the Ventriloquist and Scarface hit the streets looking to renew their scandalous ways.
However, a new gang of toughs have moved into their old territory and are not looking to share the wealth.
Scarface is beaten, broken and left for dead. Feeling free for the first time in a long time, the Ventriloquist soon learns that some devils refuse to go quietly into the night.
Also, Vickie Vale gets a new partner who turns out to be much more then he appears. And, we are introduced to Officer Rene Montoya, a character that will become very prominent in the Batman Animated Series and later Gotham Central.

Cover Artist: Norm Breyfogle, Anton Furst
Writers: Alan Grant
Penciler: Norm Breyfogle
Inker: Norm Breyfogle
Colourist: Adrienne Roy
Letterer: Todd Klein


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Very Fine 8.0

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