Batwoman Vol 1 Annual #2

“Medieval Times”
Published by DC Comics
June, 2015

How did Batwoman find herself in space fighting Morgan Le Fey?
How did she find herself accompanied by allies as strange as Clayface, Ragman, Etrigan the Demon and her own sinister sister Red Alice?!
All the answers are here in the final chapter of the Unknowns saga!

Cover Artist: Georges Jeanty, Guy Major
Writers: Marc Andreyko
Penciler: Georges Jeanty, Yishan Li, Roberto Viacava, Ronan Cliquet
Inker: Karl Kerschl, Yishan Li, Dexter Vines, Ronan Cliquet, Georges Jeanty
Colourist: Guy Major
Letterer: Todd Klein


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