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Black Cat Vol 1 #12 Skan Iron Cat Variant


Black Cat Vol 1 #12
“Full Metal Black Cat: part 2”
Published by Marvel Comics
October, 2020

1st Appearance: Iron Cat

Well, she did it this time. Black Cat stole an Iron Man armor from Iron Man, and he is NOT pleased.
So she is on the run (fly, really) from Iron Man through Manhattan but also still on the run from the Thieves Guild. So it’s tough being Felicia Hardy right now.
And it’s possible the armor wasn’t what she was stealing from Iron Man. Uh-oh.

Variant Cover: Skan Iron Cat Variant

Cover Artist: J. Scott Campbell, Sabine Rich
Writers: Jed MacKay
Penciler: Carlos Villa
Inker: Carlos Villa
Colourist: Brian Reber
Letterer: Ferran Delgado

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Variant Cover


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