Cable Vol 1 #1

Published by Marvel Comics
May, 1993

The Clan Chosen are caught in a battle with Canaanite soldiers.
Jenskot dies in Cable’s arms during the battle and Cable then learns that his son, Tyler, has been kidnapped by Stryfe.
Kane, having been sent to a distant future of Earth-4935, has met up with the Clan Chosen of that time and wants to know of Tyler’s current whereabouts.
The Flatliners attack and suddenly Cable appears in this future, forcing the Flatliners to take evasive action and teleport away.
General Haight decides to acquire Sinsear’s services to destroy the Clan Chosen.
Meanwhile, Cable finds the Canaanite time machine and learns of the true intention of the Canaanites and decides to mount an offensive.

Cover Artist: Art Thibert
Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Artist: Art Thibert


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Very Fine 8.0

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