Captain America By J. Michael Straczynski Vol. 2: Trying To Come Home Pre-order

Visionary writer J. Michael Straczynski continues his blockbuster era of CAPTAIN AMERICA!New information about Captain America’s recent attacker — a mysterious figure known only as the Emissary — has Steve Rogers, Misty Knight and Sharon Carter scrambling to protect a peace rally from being this new foe’s next target. But how can masters of physical and mental might defend against the supernatural prowess of an ancient evil? Get ready for a fight to the death as Cap races to take down the Emissary before he strikes again! Will an assist from Doctor Strange be enough to turn the tide? Plus: Steve Rogers meets a strange new ally named Lyla, guardian of the mysterious Front Door Cabaret!COLLECTING: Captain America (2023) 5-8

(W) J. Michael Straczynski (A) Jesus Saiz; Carlos Magno (CA) Taurin Clarke

Rating: Teen+


Available: November 5, 2024

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July 2024

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