Captain Marvel By Alyssa Wong Vol. 2: The Undone Pre-order

Carol Danvers, the star of the blockbuster MARVEL STUDIOS’ THE MARVELS soars to ever greater heights as Captain Marvel!Who are the Undone, and what do they want with Captain Marvel? Their worlds already intersect more than the Captain knows…and if that’s stressing Carol out, “tense” takes on a whole new meaning when Yuna Yang drags her along for a family visit! But with Carol and Yuna continuing to slip through his grasp, Genis-Vell goes after his half-brother Hulkling — and the altered Nega-Bands in his and Wiccan’s wedding rings! Plus, the thread of the Omen’s mystery begins to unravel — only to get tangled in Yuna’s personal life!COLLECTING: Captain Marvel (2023) 6-10

(W) Alyssa Wong (A) Ruairi Coleman; Jan Bazaldua (CA) Stephen Segovia

Rating: Teen+


Available: October 22, 2024

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