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Death of X #1

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Death of X Vol 1 #1
Published by Marvel Comics
December, 2016

What happened eight months ago that set the Inhumans and X-Men on a collision course? Find out here!
The Inhumans travel to Japan where one of the Terrigen Clouds creates a shocking new Inhuman.
The X-Men travel to Muir Island where the second Terrigen Cloud causes something truly terrible.
When these two events collide, a war of catastrophic proportions explodes!

Regular Cover: Regular Aaron Kuder Cover
Connecting Variant: Connecting Cover Variant
X-Men Variant: Classic Cover Variant

Cover Artist: Aaron Kuder, Morry Hollowell
Writers: Jeff Lemire, Charles Soule
Penciler: Aaron Kuder
Inker: Aaron Kuder
Colourist: Morry Hollowell
Letterer: Joe Sabino


Near Mint 9.4

Variant Cover

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