Deathlok 50th Anniversary Special #1 Nick Bradshaw Variant Pre-order

CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF THE WORLD’S MOST OFFBEAT SUPER HERO! LUTHER MANNING became one of MARVEL’S most recognizable CYBORGS as his ASTONISHING TALES set the standard for comic-book sci-fi and dystopian futures! Now we travel back to the ruins of MANHATTAN for an action-packed, laser-blasting, building-smashing, explosive adventure uncovering secrets of a world that will excite new and longtime fans. Travel to the world of tomorrow that went horribly wrong, filled with danger around every corner, brutal villains, a reluctant half-man, half-machine hero named DEATHLOK and an ending DESIGNED TO SHOCK YOUR TECHNOLOGY-TORMENTED BRAIN!

(W) Justina Ireland; Christopher Priest (A) Dale Eaglesham; Marvel Various (CA) Nick Bradshaw

Rating: Teen+


Available: September 18, 2024

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July 2024

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