Double Booking HC The Tail Of The Mummy Cat Pre-order

Join siblings Otto and Nan on a double stuffed adventure to Egypt, where each of them has a completely different experience! While on a trip to Egypt, two siblings, Otto and Nan, stumble upon a sarcophagus. And they accidentally free a mummy cat from a pharaoh’s chamber! Now tasked with finding it, their resulting adventure has them exploring the city, learning historical facts, saving each other from danger, and discovering truths about life.What’s more, they’re going to survive the same adventure – twice! See both perspectives in this flip graphic novel, written by real-life siblings Kim Shearer and Chas! Pangburn.

(W) Chas Pangburn, Kim Shearer (A) Nic Touris (CA) Nic Touris

Rating: All Ages


Available: April 17, 2024

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February 2024

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