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Future State: Catwoman #2

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Future State: Catwoman #2
“Catwoman: The Great Train Robbery, Finale”
Published by DC Comics
April, 2021

Catwoman has clawed her way through half of the Magistrate’s bullet train, but her fight has only just begun!
Now, with Onomatopoeia in tow, Selina makes her way toward the car carrying a ghost of her past, and Gotham’s as well. It’s Bruce Wayne… but is it really him? And with Talia al Ghul on board as well, will this be a long-awaited reunion between the Bat and the Cat, or will Selina’s mission to rescue the Magistrate’s prisoners go off the rails?

Regular Cover: Regular Liam Sharp Cover
Card Stock Variant: Hicham Habchi Card Stock Variant

Cover Artist: Liam Sharp
Writers: Ram V
Penciler: Otto Schmidt
Inker: Otto Schmidt
Colourist: Otto Schmidt
Letterer: Tom Napolitano

Variant Cover



Near Mint 9.4

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