Giant-Size Thor #1 Dave Bardin Deadly Foes Variant Pre-order

A GIANT-SIZE THOR SPECTACULAR – GUEST-STARRING HERCULES! Thor All-Father and Hercules, God of Heroes, had joined forces many times, as fast friends and fierce rivals…but never before like this. For in the farthest reaches of space, the Deific Duo faced the greatest and most terrifying war machine ever created…and it bore the Thunderer’s face. This is the story…of the GIANT-SIZE THOR! ALSO: Reprinting Bob Harras and Jackson Guice’s THOR #365 – a Thor and Hercules tale told by the only real authority on such things: Hercules himself!

(W) Al Ewing (A) Brian Level (CA) Dave Bardin

Rating: Teen+


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June 2024

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