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“GODKILLER: SPIDERLAND BANNED FROM PRINT IN CHINA & SOUTH KOREA. China labels the graphic novel ‘anti-humanity’. Godkiller has joined a number of graphic novel bans for queer content and blatant nihilism.” (-Bleeding Cool) The Wait is Over… Black Mask Studios collects the complete “banned edition” of GODKILLER: SPIDERLAND in a shocking oversize hardcover. Prepare yourself for a plunge into madness as the wildest graphic novel series on shelves thunders on with this deluxe oversize (7.25”x11”) Banned Edition. “One of the most unique and energetic series to hit stands in quite some time… Fast, brutal, and more than a little sexy… Not for the faint of heart.” (-Nerdist) Halfpipe and Soledad gaze into The Abyss. Things get intense. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. (Collects issues 1-3) Following a raucous Kickstarter that absolutely crushed 5,262% of its funding goal, this stunning oversize deluxe edition will be available in comic shops this June!

(W) Matteo Pizzolo (A) Anna Muckcracker (CA) Nen Chang

Rating: Mature


Available: June 26, 2024

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May 2024

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