Harley Quinn Vol 3 #42

“Old Lady Harley”
Published by DC Comics
June, 2018

1st Appearance: Old Lady Harley

In this far-flung future tale, Harley returns home thirty years after leaving Coney Island — or, more accurately, she’s DRAGGED home — to deal with the mess that the Gangs of Harley have made in her absence!
Her disciples have all splintered into warring tribes, and they’ve torn down what’s left of ravaged, mutated New York City in the process!

Cover Artist: Amanda Conner, Paul Mounts
Writers: Frank Tieri
Penciler: Alain Mauricet
Inker: Alain Mauricet
Colourist: Paul Mounts
Letterer: Dave Sharpe


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Near Mint 9.4

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