Harley Quinn Vol 4 #26 Jenny Frison Card Stock Variant

“Who Killed Harley Quinn?, Chapter 5”
Published by DC Comics
March, 2023

What’s fifty Harley Quinns from all over the Multiverse plus one interdimensional murderer hell-bent on killing all of the aforementioned Harleys, divided by two very hungry hyenas, all to the power of Kevin…?
23. Obviously.
But, also, a really weird way to spend your weekend.
Nothing like meeting yourself 49 times to give you a real good existential crisis!
I’m not one for self-doubt and all that… but it’s hard not to be at least a little jealous of mermaid Harley.

Frison Variant: Jenny Frison Card Stock Variant

Cover Artist: Jonboy Meyers
Writer: Stephanie Phillips
Penciler: David Baldeón
Inker: David Baldeón
Colourist: Rain Beredo
Letterer: Andworld Design


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Variant Cover


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