Harley Quinn Vol 4 #6

“Cat & Quinn”
Published by DC Comics
October, 2021

Yer pal Harley Quinn back again!
Now, there might be a lot of new faces in Gotham, but it’s always nice to see an old friend.
Okay, so Catwoman explicitly asked me not to call her my friend, but I know she secretly loves me under that tough, broody, leather-clad exterior.
You’re not gonna wanna miss this one as we tangle with those boring Magistrate goons in Alleytown like a real dynamic duo!
I smash a lot of stuff with my bat, and Selina does a bunch of flips and awesome things with her whip.
She’s so cool.

Cover Artist: Riley Rossmo
Writer: Stephanie Phillips
Penciler: Laura Braga
Inker: Laura Braga
Colourist: Arif Prianto
Letterer: Andworld Design


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