Hulk / Wolverine: Six Hours #1

“6 Hours Part 1”
Published by Marvel Comics
March, 2003

Two of comics’ hottest characters unite, courtesy of Bruce Jones (Incredible Hulk) and Scott Kolins (Flash)!
The green goliath and the feral mutant only have six hours to rescue a woman and a boy from two desperate drug dealers… but will they be able to control their infamous tempers to get the job done?

In this issue: Wolvie is off on a Canadian vacation when he hears the report of a downed airplane.
On the plane are Kyle (a kid who has been bitten by a deadly coral snake), two drug dealers with a suitcase full of dough and Dr. Bruce Banner, the ever-lovin’ Hulk (is it any wonder the plane went down?).

Cover Artist: Simon Bisley
Writer: Bruce Jones
Penciler: Scott Kolins
Inkers: Scott Kolins
Colourist: Lee Loughridge
Letterer: Dave Sharpe


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Very Fine 8.0

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