I’m Giving The Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued A Crash Course In Naughtiness 6 Pre-order

What does a young noblewoman freshly betrayed by her betrothed need most? A crash course in everything naughty!And who better to teach her than the feared hermit sorcerer who for some reason can’t help but pamper her to no end?“I’ll make sure this date and this enemy eradication go off perfectly!”Feared sorcerer Allen and the fugitive noblewoman Charlotte have finally confessed their love for one another and officially begun dating! But their happy home is soon visited by more than just new-couple nerves when a shadowy bounty hunter starts moving in on Charlotte. Not to be cowed, Allen decides to tackle the looming threat and take his first steps as a freshly-minted boyfriend—all while escorting Charlotte on their very first date!

(W) Fukada Sametarou (A) Ichiho Katsura

Rating: Teen


Available: July 16, 2024

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May 2024

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