Imbokodo #1 (Cvr A) (Katlego Motaung) Pre-order

In the land of the pyramid sun, a single step of the Badimu is a thousand Muntu life times. This is the land of NDAWO, home to the first Muntu. A thousand years after the great war between the Badimu that brought darkness to the land and birthed a new kind of Muntu—one that wants, owns, and is never sated—Ndawo remains divided. And recently, numerous young girls have gone missing from their villages, a trail of carnage left in their wake.   In the empire of Monomotapa, Queen Nyameka commands the greatest warriors in all of Ndawo, the IMBOKODO. Here, a nameless woman will fight to secure her place amongst the Imbokodo—to stand for the Queen, the Empire, and for the freedom of all Muntu. • Adds to the greatly needed representation of Black heroes in the world of comics and fantasy.   •  Afrofuturism at its best.

(W) Thabiso Mabanna; Thabo Rametsi (A) Katlego Motaung (CA) Katlego Motaung (C) Frank Cvetkovic

Rating: Teen+


Available: October 16, 2024

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July 2024

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