Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #1 Facsimile Edition

“The Hulk”
Published by Marvel Comics
March, 2023

1st Appearance & Origin: Hulk (Bruce Banner)
1st Appearance: Rick Jones
1st Appearance: Betty Ross (later becomes Red She-Hulk)
1st Appearance: General Thunderbolt Ross (later becomes Red Hulk)

It’s the height of the Cold War and the government is about to test their new Gamma Bomb.
Unfortunately, a carefree and oblivious teenager named Rick Jones wanders out onto the test area.
Dr. Bruce Banner, the creator of the Gamma Bomb, rushes out to warn the young man away. However, the bomb explodes and as Banner pushes the teenager to safety he is caught in the heart of a Gamma maelstrom.
The gamma-rays that bombard Banner’s taunt frame transform his physiology.
Now, whenever Banner becomes angry he transforms into the man-brute known as the Incredible Hulk.
Feared by the public and hunted by the army, the Hulk becomes one of the most tragic figures in Marvel’s history.
General “Thunderbolt” Ross will not rest until the Hulk is destroyed.
The creature’s only allies are Rick Jones and Betty Ross, Thunderbolt’s daughter and Banner’s one true love.

Reprinting INCREDIBLE HULK (1962) #1.

Cover Artist: Jack Kirby
Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby
Inker: Paul Reinman
Colourists: George Roussos
Letterer: Artie Simek


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