John Constantine Hellblazer Dead In America #5 (Of 9) Cvr A Aaron Campbell Pre-order

John Constantine, his son Noah, and bodyguard Nat have been blazing a trail across the face of America in their double-decker Routemaster bus, finding themselves on the wrong end of an eruption of supernatural and mystical threats–all thanks to a scattering of Dream’s sand. In this anthology-format issue, three particularly memorable run-ins with hitchhikers and drifters on America’s roadsides come to the fore…but can Constantine add up their meaning in time to uncover who–or what–is to blame for this rise in terror?

(W) Simon Spurrier, Aaron Campbell (A) Priscilla Petraites, John Pearson, John McCrea (CA) Aaron Campbell

Rating: Mature


Available: May 21, 2024

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March 2024

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