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Rose loves nothing more than to play pretend in a magical land of her own creation. To her, that world is as real as our own—from her fluffy friends to the terrible evil that lurks at the center of it all. In one night, the line between fantasy and reality will disappear, an ancient hunger will feed again, and Rose will be pulled into a gruesome saga that began centuries before her birth.Debut writers ETHAN S. PARKER & GRIFFIN SHERIDAN and master artists BOB QUINN (Knights of X, Black Cat Social Club) and JOHN J. HILL (VANISH, CROSSOVER) are proud to present a fantastic nightmare years in the making. Collects KILL YOUR DARLINGS #1-8

(W) Ethan S. Parker, Griffin Sheridan (A) Bob Quinn, John J. Hill (CA) Bob Quinn

Rating: Mature


Available: July 10, 2024

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May 2024

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