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Logan’s Run Vol 1 #6 CGC 7.0


Logan's Run Vol 1 #6 CGC 7.0
Published by Marvel Comics
“Epilogue: Aftermath!”
June, 1977

1st Solo Thanos Story

In the fallout of the city's destruction, the inhabitants must try to make their way in the real world.
But what if it was possible to restart the computer and save the city?
Logan travels to the computer core to try to do just that.

“The Final Flower”
Thanos and Drax the Destroyer clash on a world that worships flowers.
The last of which Thanos is about to destroy, and crush the planet's resistance.

Cover Artist: Paul Gulacy, John Costanza
Writers: John Warner
Penciler: Tom Sutton
Inkers: Terry Austin, Klaus Janson
Colourist: Don Warfield
Letterer: Gaspar Saladino, Joe Rosen

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