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Marvel Tales: Black Widow #1


Marvel Tales: Black Widow #1
“Introducing the Black Widow”
“The Crimson Dynamo Strikes Again!”
“Beware…The Black Widow!”
“Then Came the Black Widow”
“Red Widow: First Strike”
Published by Marvel Comics
April, 2019

During her seance for the Wagler family, medium Clair Voyant is accused of being a hoax. Unaware that they are being watched by Satan himself, Clair suddenly blurts out a curse against the family. That night as the Waglers are returning home, they have a terrible car accident that kills the entire family except for their eldest son James. James blames Clair for his family’s death and goes back to her home and shoots her dead. This is all according to the devil’s plan, who recovers Clair’s body and brings it down to Hell. There he revives her as the Black Widow, endowing her with super-natural powers so that she can be his agent in the land of the living, to slay the wicked that would do evil deeds.

Her fist task is to get revenge against James for killing her. She tracks James to the docks in New York where he is grieving over the loss of his family. Confronted with the woman he had killed moments ago, the fearful James attempts to flee, however the Black Widow catches up with him and touches his brow. Her touch kills him instantly and when a police officer arrives on the scene the Widow disappears. When the officer inspects the dead mans body he is shocked to find the mark of the Black Widow on his brow.

With her first mission a success, the Black Widow vows to her master Satan to eliminate all evil doers and send their souls to him.

Cover Artist: Jen Bartel
Writer: George Kapitan, Stan Lee, N. Korok, Gary Friedrich, Ralph Macchio, George Pérez, Margaret Stohl
Penciler: Harry Sahle, Don Heck, John Romita Sr., John Buscema, Ralph Macchio, George Pérez, Nico Leon
Inkers: Harry Sahle, Don Heck, Jim Mooney, John Verpoorten, George Pérez, Bob Layton, Luke McDonnell, Nico Leon
Colourist: Andres Mossa, Petra Scotese
Letterer: Sam Rosen, Artie Simek, Tom Orzechowski, Travis Lanham

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