Miles Morales: Spider-Man Vol 2 #2 Graffiti Variant

“Trial by Spider – Part Two”
Published by Marvel Comics
March, 2023


MILES MORALES’ world is spinning out of control!
A mysterious new threat is rising and coming at SPIDER-MAN hard, and if Spidey doesn’t fight back with everything he’s got – he could LOSE everything.
What does this new villain have to do with MISTY KNIGHT’s investigation and a slew of upgraded foes, like THE SCORPION, terrorizing NYC?
This battle is going to change Spidey’s life forever – someone’s not walking away from this one!

Variant Cover: Graffiti Variant

Cover Artist: Dike Ruan
Writer: Cody Ziglar
Penciler: Federico Vicentini
Inker: Federico Vicentini
Colourist: Bryan Valenza
Letterer: Cory Petit


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Variant Cover


Near Mint 9.4

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