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The classic comic strip by Tove Jansson and Lars Jansson in a new paperback series Presented in an all new softcover format that collects the all ages comics of both Tove Jansson and Lars Jansson, the five-volume Moomin Adventures series will introduce the timeless comic strip to a new generation of readers of all ages. The strip’s gentle humor and subtle yet sharp musings on life relay an utterly human existence through the lives of Moomin, Moominmamma, Moominpappa, Snufkin, Little My, Snork Maiden and more. Moomin Adventures: Book One kicks off with perhaps the most famous adventure of them all, Moomin on the Riviera, which was adapted into an animated feature and debuted at the London Film Festival. In Moomin’s Desert Island, the entire Moomin family is stranded on a desert island—the very island their ancestors came from. The Moominvalley hijinx continued with a charming mix of strips from Finland’s most famous writer/artist Tove Jansson, and her brother Lars Jansson who taught himself how to draw in order to take over the strip when it was in syndication. When D+Q debuted the Moomin comic strip in 2007, it was the first time that the comic strip had been published in english since its original appearance in the London Evening News. The series has gone on to sell 400,000 volumes.

(W) Tove Jansson and Lars Jansson (A) Tove Jansson and Lars Jansson (CA) Tove Jansson and Lars Jansson

Rating: Mature


Available: July 9, 2024

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March 2024

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