New X-Men Vol 1 #114

Published by Marvel Comics
July, 2001

“E is for Extinction – Part One of Three”

Humankind’s time on Earth is nearly at its end.
Within a half decade, they will be extinct, replaced by their genetically gifted cousins: mutants!
With this discovery, the very fabric of society begins to fray. And as fear and paranoia grows by the day, it will soon tear!
Charles Xavier has been forced to evolve his X-Men. But in the shadows, something beckons to him.
A mutant more powerful – and more depraved – than he ever could have foreseen.
And very soon, that mutant will threaten his people, his world and his every perception!

Cover Artist: Frank Quitely
Writers: Grant Morrison
Artist: Frank Quitely


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Very Fine 8.0

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