Night People #2 (Of 4) Cvr A Jason Alexander Pre-order

FOR SOME PEOPLE, IT’S ALWAYS MIDNIGHT . . . From the minds of neo-noir icon Barry Gifford (Lost Highway), acclaimed writer Chris Condon (That Texas Blood), and Eisner Award–winning artist Alexandre Tefenkgi (The Good Asian) comes a stiletto-sharp tale of desperation, fanaticism, and murder in the American South . . . On an otherwise quiet street in New Orleans, the battle over abortion is fought between brother and sister evangelical preachers in an ever-escalating rivalry between their neighboring ministries: the Church on the One Hand and the Church on the Other Hand. As the long-secret origin of Brother Dallas Salt and Sister Dilys Salt’s rift threatens to erupt into scandal, a fanatical female assassin quietly plans to settle their differences once and for all with a furious display of violence aimed right at the heart of a national debate that couldn’t be any more personal.

(W) Chris Condon, Barry Gifford (A) Alexandre Tefenkgi (CA) Jason Alexander

Rating: Mature


Available: April 9, 2024

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February 2024

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