Rick And Morty Compendium TP Vol 2 Pre-order

This massive tome of interdimensional mayhem collects issues #16–30 of the hit Rick and Morty comic book series, which boldly answers the question “Can a comic book ever satisfy the emotional and psychological needs of Rick and Morty fans?” (The answer is, “Sure, why not!”) Follow the foibles of universally deranged, time-traveling, portal-hopping genius Rick Sanchez, his incompetent fourteen-year-old grandson and half-hearted sidekick Morty, self-absorbed granddaughter Summer, horse surgeon daughter Beth, and . . . adjectiveless son-in-law Jerry. Featuring stories from Eisner Award-nominated writer Kyle Starks (Kill Them All, Sexcastle) including “Desperately Meeseeking Ruin,” “Honey I Shrunk the Ricks,” and “Interdimensional Cable 3: The Threequel.”

(W) Kyle Starks, Olly Moss, Sean Vanaman, Marc Ellerby (A) CJ Cannon, Benjamin Dewey, Kyle Starks, Marc Ellerby (CA) Fred C. Stresing

Rating: Mature


Available: May 14, 2024

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March 2024

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