Rick And Morty Finals Week Contested Convention #1 (One Shot) Cvr A Suzi Blake Pre-order

From writers James Asmus and Jim Festante (Rick and Morty Super Spring Break Special, Survival Street) and rising star illustrator Suzi Blake—another day, another final! As Morty’s poli-sci exam approaches, he persuades Rick to portal him to President Curtis for some much-needed extra credit. With Curtis is on his way to secure his party’s presidential nomination, and Rick determined to prove even the dumbest version of him could beat Curtis, Doofus Rick’s hat is thrown in the ring! Competition heats up when Doofus announces Jerry as his VP, and Beth joins the race to become the first woman president. It’s gonna be one contested convention!

(W) James Asmus, Jim Festante (A) Suzi Blake (CA) Suzi Blake

Rating: Mature


Available: August 14, 2024

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June 2024

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