Space Western Comics: Cowboys Vs. Aliens, Commies, Dinosaurs, & Nazis! Pre-order

The wild, WILD West!Spurs Jackson and his Space Vigilantes bravely defended the frontier against Martians, Venusian spies, Meteor Men, moon bats, and of course, Hitler and his space Nazis. Oh, and dinosaurs!With stories by Walter Gibson, famed creator/writer of The Shadow pulps, and art by John Belfi, Stan Campbell, and Lou Morales, Space Western Comics were one of the weirdest, most fun comics series of the ’50s and are collected and restored here, including a “lost” story! Profusely illustrated intro by Eisner-award winning comics historian Craig Yoe. To Arizona . . . and beyond!

(W) Walter Gibson (A) John Belfi; Lou Morales; Stan Campbell (CT) Craig Yoe

Rating: Teen


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June 2024

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