Spider-Man: Black Suit & Blood #1 Skottie Young Variant Pre-order

“THE RUMORS ARE TRUE!” An all-star lineup of writers and artists assemble to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Spider-Man’s iconic black costume, “black, white & blood” style! J.M. DeMatteis returns to the pages of “Kraven’s Last Hunt” to tell a never-before-seen tale of Spidey’s past! J. Michael Straczynski rips Peter Parker’s (and the symbiote’s) heart out! And Dustin Nguyen’s stunning take on the wall-crawler will bring Spidey to uncharted heights against the backdrop of Dustin’s groundbreaking visual style!

(W) J.M. DeMatteis; Marvel Various (A) Elena Casagrande; Marvel Various (CA) Skottie Young

Rating: Teen+


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June 2024

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