Spider-Woman Vol 7 #7 Peach Momoko Knullified Variant

Published by Marvel Comics
February, 2021

Abandoned by her friends, there’s only one person who comes to Jess’ aid… Octavia Vermis!
She’s got a cure for Jessica, and the prescription is: Crime!
Under the cover of the Knull invasion, Spider-Woman is stealing elements of a cure to her condition… OR IS SHE?

Momoko Variant: Peach Momoko Knullified Variant

Cover Artist: Jung-Geun Yoon
Writer: Karla Pacheco
Penciler: Pere Pérez
Inkers: Pere Pérez
Colourist: Frank D’Armata
Letterer: Travis Lanham


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Variant Cover


Near Mint 9.4

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