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Star Wars Tales #19 Photo Cover Variant


Star Wars Tales Vol 1 #19
Published by Dark Horse Comics
“To Be a Jedi!”
April, 2004

1st Appearance: Ben Skywalker

A hyperdrive malfunction sends the Millennium Falcon massively off course trapping Han Solo galaxies away from his home system.
Now stranded lightyears from everything he knows, Han must fight the life threatening hazards of the jungle filled world that has become his prison.
Will he be able to fix the Falcon and return to all he knows and loves?
This is one Star Wars story that you won’t want to miss!
Also in this issue, Scott “PvP” Kurtz’s tale of high-school angst—Star Wars style!

Photo Cover Variant: Photo Cover Variant

Cover Artist: Andrew Robinson
Writer: Various
Penciler: Various
Inkers: Various
Colourist: Various
Letterer: Various

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