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Star Wars: The High Republic #8 Ario Anindito Variant


Star Wars: The High Republic #8
“Heart of the Drengir – Chapter III: The Root of Terror”
Published by Marvel Comics
JOctober, 2021


AVAR KRISS and her band of brave JEDI helpless in the clutches of a traitor in their midst.
STARLIGHT BEACON under attack from an insidious foe. Danger from an age-old enemy.
Who is really pulling the strings on the distant planet of SEDRI?
Plus: The secret history of the terrifying DRENGIR revealed.

Star Wars Variant: Ario Anindito Variant

Cover Artist: Phil Noto
Writer: Cavan Scott
Penciler: Ario Anindito
Inker: Mark Morales
Letterer: Ariana Maher

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