Summer Shadows #1 (Cvr A) (Ricardo Cabral) Pre-order

Nick Landry is on the unspoilt Greek island of Avraxos to look for his ex. Anthony was the love of his life, and without knowing why he left, Nick can’t move on. But Anthony isn’t the only one to disappear on Avraxos. Coast guard officer Alekos Kourkoulos is on the trail of another young man missing on the island. They learn they both fell in with the glamorous set onboard a jet-black super yacht, the Nyx, before vanishing. As the mystery deepens, Nick and Alekos discover that the brighter the sunshine, the darker the shadows… • Acclaimed writer John Harris Dunning and artist Ricardo Cabral of Wiper team up again in Summer Shadows! • A unique and moody LGBTQIA+ vampire horror set against the sunshiny backdrop of a remote Greek Island. • Four issue series.

(W) John Harris Dunning (A) Ricardo Cabral (CA) Ricardo Cabral (C) Brad Simpson

Rating: Teen+


Available: September 11, 2024

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June 2024

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