Superhumanity Vol 1 The Superaustralians #3 (Of 4) Pre-order

The saga continues! 28 top Aussie writers and artists continue to reveal the battles-to-the-death happening between Australia’s costumed heroes and their super-villain nemeses in every geographical landscape of the island continent, as Dr. Epoch, the uber-menace, escalates his plans! Edited by Christopher Sequeira (Writer of STAR TREK: HOLO-WEEN).

(W) Christopher Sequeira, Karen Beilharz, Naomi Hatchman, Cefn Ridout, Gregory Stewart (A) Queenie Chan, Gary Chaloner, Matt Lin, Simon Robins, J. Scherpenhuizen, Adam Yusoff (CA) J. Scherpenhuizen

Rating: All Ages


Available: May 15, 2024

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March 2024

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