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NOW BACK IN PRINT, from KURT BUSIEK and STUART IMMONEN, the smash creative team behind_ Superman: Secret Identity_.The more popular SUPERSTAR is, the more powerful he is. His media-tycoon father’s agreed to keep him famous enough to save the world—but that means maintaining his powers risks him becoming just another “property” in his father’s portfolio. All this amid a global threat from the techno-genius ROBO SAPIENS.This new edition also includes behind-the-scenes features on the development of SUPERSTAR, including design art from PAUL RYAN and ALAN DAVIS.

(W) Kurt Busiek (A) Stuart Immonen, Alex Sinclair, Wade von Grawbadger (CA) Stuart Immonen, Alex Sinclair, Wade Von Grawbadger

Rating: Teen+


Available: September 11, 2024

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July 2024

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