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CHISPA – The Thirteen Origins is a series of one-shot origin stories for the members of The Thirteen, a group of Mexicans and Mexican Americans who discover they are chispas, able to wield impossible powers. Daniel de la Rosa hates his birthday—it’s a day that serves as a stark reminder of how much he hates his dull, monotonous life. His eighteenth proves no different when his friends mock the shoes he wanted, get drunk using his birthday money, and then, once one of them gets dumped, start destroying a community garden. Except, Daniel can now hear the plants pleading with him to save them. Armed with new possibilities and new ways to bring people together, Daniel will need to figure out if he can be the right kind of spark to heal rifts between people and plants.

(W) Héctor González (A) Jimena Sarquiz (CA) Jimena Sarquiz

Rating: Teen+


Available: July 24, 2024

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May 2024

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