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Transformers Vol 5 #18


Transformers Vol 5 #18
Published by IDW Publishing
March, 2020

Calamity has befallen Cybertron. The only reasonable option for many bots is escape-leaving the planet in hopes of safety. Arcee and Greenlight need to get their mentee, Gauge, off-world to protect her, but first, they’ll have to find a shuttle! A spotlight issue on Arcee, Greenlight, and their mentee, Gauge!

Cover Artist: Umi Miyao
Writer: Brian Ruckley
Penciler: Bethany McGuire-Smith, Anna Malkova
Inker: Bethany McGuire-Smith, Anna Malkova
Colourist: Joana LaFuente, Josh Burcham
Letterer: Jake M. Wood

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