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Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 #2 Jae Lee Incentive Variant 1.4 CGC 9.4 NM


Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 #2 CGC 9.4 NM
“Growing Pains”
Published by Marvel Comics
December, 2000

You’d think getting super powers would make your life easier, right? Tell that to Peter Parker. Between freaking out at school and lashing out at home, Peter is finding that a little bite from a spider is turning out to be a huuuge problem. Plus: Industrialist Norman Osborn wants young Parker to be studied-by his employee Dr. Otto Octavius.

Variant Cover: Jae Lee Incentive Variant 1:4

Cover Artist: Mark Bagley, Transparency Digital
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Bill Jemas
Penciler: Mark Bagley
Inkers: Art Thibert
Colourist: Steve Buccellato
Letterer: Richard Starkings, Troy Peteri

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Variant Cover

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CGC 9.4 NM


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