Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 #342

“Did I Miss Something?!”
Published by Marvel Comics
March, 1997

Galdiator has teleported half of the X-Men (as well as intrepid news reporter Trish Tilby) onto an out of control Shi’ar starship hurtling toward a stargate.
Beast gets the ship under control but finds there is an asteroid field between themselves and their destination.
Joseph uses his powers to get the ship through safely; On the other side of the gate, they find a busy Shi’ar spaceport completely desolate aside for one badly wounded survivor – Deathbird.
Meanwhile, back on Earth, Cannonball has to explain to the rest of his comrades how he lost the X-Men.

Cover Artist: Joe Madureira
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Joe Madureira


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Very Fine 8.0

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